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18 February 2006
In-game adverts: two questions
In-game advertising is all the rage (literally) now, so I figured I'd toss these two questions out:
  1. Has a company started offering individuals an opportunity to advertise products in-game? Like having a Mountain Dew-themed Quake skin or talking about the benefits of Logitech wireless Xbox controllers over voice channels on Xbox Live games? I have no idea how you could verify that people were doing this, but someone could surely find a way.

  2. Has any company sponsored targetted map development for online games? For example, couldn't a media company like ABC offer a Counter-strike map based on the TV show Lost? Or maybe a Rainbow Six map based on V for Vendetta to tie in with the upcoming movie?
These seem like obvious directions to take in-game advertising, but I don't follow that discussion closely enough to know if they're being tried yet.
--Matt Matthews at 22:54
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Comments on this post:
Server operators were paid to have subway ads in their Counter-Strike servers.

In a related story, forum operators have been paid/gifted off to allow shills into their forums to promote stuff. I'd dig out this story but there is so much better.

$2 or we spam you, or no-online for you!

By Anonymous zachary, at 19 February, 2006 04:17  

I know a little about the Subway ads, but that splits the difference of what I'm asking.

I thought the subway hack was a texture replacement, not a custom map.

I'm looking for offers made to an individual, who can move from server to server with his advertisement literally on his back. Just like what the NASCAR guys wear (and drive), but for individuals in online games.

And I'm looking for a map designed specifically around some product, not just a texture replacement.

By Blogger jvm, at 19 February, 2006 09:18  

Hasn't happened then.

By Anonymous zachary, at 19 February, 2006 14:04  

You know there are also "via arena" maps that have spinning "via" logos in them, for various id-engine games.

By Anonymous zachary, at 20 February, 2006 01:27  

PCGamer made a map for...Quake 3, I think, that was supposedly a recreation of the EIC's office. Everything was supersized, though, or rather, the players were teeny -- ie. jumping on file cabinets, hiding behind coffee mugs, etc.
And of course, lots of PCG logos everywhere, and a coconut monkey.

By Blogger Alex, at 22 February, 2006 14:45  

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