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23 February 2006
In-game adverts, conservative game content, then older gamers save the day
Eventually this is going to come up, so we need to start a discussion: Are we prepared for game content to be dictated by advertisers?

As I hinted at in my earlier post, the following three factors may well influence the future:
  1. Game company profits on the decline
  2. Next generation games cost more to develop
  3. In-game advertising becomes viable
To offset the first two, publishers may well jump into bed with advertisers. That's Bad News.

In an industry already addicted to sequels, this will only make the developers more conservative. Games with limited appeal will not get funded by publishers, nor will they pick up advertiser revenue. Moreover, games may have to tone down the violent or sexual content, or lose the support of the ad company paying the rent. The result: blander games.

Now, there will still be a market for games that push the limits, which break out in new directions. The older gamer segment, in particular, will be interested in more than just another sequel. So what could evolve is a two-tiered system, like we have with broadcast TV and cable. It's the difference between an ABC made-for-TV action movie and something like Deadwood or The Sopranos on HBO. If you're willing to pony up, you can get the good stuff, and advertisers won't stand in the way.
--Matt Matthews at 22:25
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