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01 February 2006
IGN's Xbox 360 Game of the Month: NOTHING
When the only new games worth playing on your shiny new console are just demos, I guess you don't have much choice for Game of the Month, eh?
As if December 2005 wasn't bad enough, January 2006 may very well turn out to be the most boring month in Xbox 360 history. Why? Because almost nothing happened. [...] The only thing playable and final (we're not including game demos in this decision process) was Marble Blast Ultra, but we didn't think that deserved the Game of the Month or Runner-Up. [...]

So our GOTM award for January 2006 goes to: NOTHING
Man, that $2000 Omega bundle from GameStop's gotta be feeling good about now.

After I got my launch-day PlayStation 2 and finished Ridge Racer V, I start stocking up on ever-cheaper PSOne games. On Ruffin's recommendation, I snagged SSX sometime in January 2001, which made life a little better.

I can only hope that the Xbox 360 gamers find solace in the list of backward-compatible (or should I say forward-compatible) Xbox games.

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--Matt Matthews at 20:51
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When you consider how quickly hardware goes out of date, this seems like the largest of blunders. Then again, if you've got hardware settled and there's no chance of changing it, you might as well get it out there asap as it ain't getting any younger.

In any event, it would appear that the window of opportunity provided by the hardware isn't lining up with the window of the software. Though the same could have been said about the DS at first, couldn't it? Might make the DS seem that much smarter for not emphasizing hardware at all; accept obsolescent (particularly easy to do with handhelds) and concentrate on "timeless" gameplay. KABOOM! did it.

On a totally unrelated note, the DS really seems to be a neat machine, as Matt has said repeatedly. I've seen three year-olds to thiry-somethings lose themselves for quite some time playing with the beasts, and I don't think it's b/c of the raw ability of the machine nearly so much as the interesting, experimental games being produced.

I want one.

By Blogger rufbo, at 04 February, 2006 11:04  

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