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24 February 2006
Going Shopping
Tomorrow night the wife and I have a night off from parenting, and after dinner we may have time to hit a videogame store. I've got some cash I've been saving up, and I thought I might get myself a new game, even though Pool of Radiance is still sucking up free time like mad. Here's my short list:
  1. Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
  2. Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)
  3. Prince of Persia: Revelations (PSP)
  4. Exit (PSP)
Anyone want to toss out some other ideas? Ruffin keeps prodding me to get a Nintendo DS, but I'm thinking I should wait for the new model. I've also thought about getting Black (PS2), despite the middlin' reviews. I wouldn't mind a game where the main goal is to destroy by the ton, with dramatic flair.
--Matt Matthews at 22:14
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Black isn't out until the 28th.

By Anonymous zachary, at 24 February, 2006 23:31  

That's why it's not on the short list. :^) I couldn't buy it tomorrow.

By Blogger jvm, at 24 February, 2006 23:34  

i'd recommend shadow of the colossus, and resident evil for that matter. They were two of the best games I'd played in forever. Also, if you don't already own it, I highly recommend psychonauts.

POP:Revelations ended up being a jerky, unresponsive port (with bad controls) of a game I didn't enjoy last year (POP:WW).

By Anonymous adrian, at 25 February, 2006 01:49  

Let me second the don't buy PoP psp, it stinks. Exit is still awesome, though.

By Anonymous zachary, at 25 February, 2006 02:06  

Resident Evil 4 is something that I didn't really enjoy - the design is not really sure wether it's actionfest or survival horror. Ending up in not being "awesome" either way. And the spanish setting (though nicely modelled) gets old within a few hours. Put in a storyline that's silly even considered we are talking Resident Evil here and you have an above average game. Nothing more... don't know what the majority of people sees in it (except for graphics/style - it really excells in those departmens).

Have you tested SOTC? There's a 50% chance you might hate it...

Apart from that, I'd recommend Psychonauts too - or, in case you haven't got it yet, Killer 7 (which is a VERY unique experience)!

Or you just take the money, and have a good time with your wife?

By Anonymous Aulbath, at 26 February, 2006 03:45  

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