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25 February 2006
Follow-up on in-game ads: KFC on a cow!
Just to follow up on the posts the other day (uno and dos) about advertisements in games, here's a sample ad that Double Fusion has up on their site, found via a post at Zen of Design. (Click for the full-sized image.)I'm tempted to call fowl, but I'll wait to see if the real ads are more subtle.

It's probably worth noting that Double Fusion just signed a multi-year, multi-game deal with Midway. Oh, and Midway will be involved with Lord of the Rings Online. I wonder if they'll be able to slip some adverts into that one.
--Matt Matthews at 22:33
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I was wondering about the authenticity of that cow until I went to the site and found out it's given as an example by the ad company themselves!

Is it possible for people to be that clueless?

By Blogger JohnH, at 25 February, 2006 23:27  

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