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08 February 2006
DVD-UMD bundles? Deal. But...
If Sony comes through with movies on UMD and DVD in the same package for only $30, I'm on board. Unfortunately, it still means the PSP is doing better as a movie player than it is as a game machine, making the older, less powerful Nintendo DS a better buy for actually playing games.

Nintendo once criticized the concept of an all-in-one multimedia console, and at this point in its life the PSP shows just how well Nintendo understands the business of making games.
--Matt Matthews at 15:57
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- That Sony is offering this deal indicates that the market for UVD-only packages is beginning to fade. It doesn't take a genius to see that would happen.

- Even so, if I had a PSP, I wouldn't pay extra for a bundle. And with portable DVD players so cheap, I cannot consider this an argument for getting a PSP.

By Blogger JohnH, at 08 February, 2006 19:33  

Er, make that UMD, sorry.

By Blogger JohnH, at 08 February, 2006 19:33  

Nothing I've seen, from sales figures (8M sold in Fall 2005, probably twice that now) to the number of available movies (something like 250) leads me to believe the UMD plan isn't working out for them. I think they saw a gateway for potential UMD customers, and took it.

By Blogger jvm, at 09 February, 2006 09:05  

How about different.
Much like the gamecube and it's lineup of games, there is no need to say that the ds or psp is better than the other.

They are both succeeding for their different (ugh) markets, and they both have very different games. I have both systems and am happy with what I get on each. I realize that not everybody has the opportunity (or the understanding SO) to do this, however, I would also not be too terribly disappointed if I gave away either of them. Both systems have good games now and more are coming in the future.

By Anonymous zachary, at 09 February, 2006 12:58  

My daughter, who is 6, got a DS for Christmas, and I got a PSP about 2 weeks ago. After discovering that the PSP has a version of Darkstalkers, my daughter has hardly touched her DS, and I never get to play my PSP at home anymore. So much for Kiddy appeal...

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 February, 2006 22:06  

I'm generally not willing to pay an extra $10 for special features on a DVD. I'm certainly not going to pay an extra $10 for a UMD of the same movie.

And as johnh said, portable DVD players are cheap. You can get one for under $100.

In a way, it seems like Sony is almost take a "do a lot of things, but do none of them well" approach with the PSP. iPod has the music market. Portable DVD players can have the portable video market if someone really wants to go after it.

PSP hasn't even been setting the world on fire when it comes to portable gaming. At least if you don't count people using exploits to play emulators.

By Anonymous Baines, at 09 February, 2006 23:54  

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