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12 February 2006
Dragon's Lair for GameBoy Color
The GameBoy Color version of Dragon's Lair tries to recreate the original laserdisc game in 4 megabytes of ROM, and very nearly pulls it off. The graphics have been scaled down, much of the sound is missing, and several scenes have been truncated, but the heart of the gameplay -- timed joystick moves and button presses -- remains intact.

It has some problems: sometimes guessing is required to find the right set of moves, the timing can seem somewhat arbitrary, and the finite set of scenes gets old quickly. However, these are all problems with the original. The main GameBoy Color-specific gameplay issue is that jerky animations make the guessing game worse.

Despite these problems, I enjoyed it, primarily because I still hold a great deal of nostalgia for the original. I also enjoy seeing how games are translated to different systems, especially when the gap between the original hardware and the new hardware is so large.

Here's a comparison animation showing a frame from the original and a frame from the GameBoy Color version.
--Matt Matthews at 20:04
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