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21 February 2006
Copyright infringer takes out videogame magazine ads
Have you ever wondered what happened to copyright infringers, especially those who really anger Nintendo? Consider this: a full page ad taken out by Yonatan Cohen about his imprisonment and upcoming deportation. (Original source of image: here.)

This kind of restitution is listed in the plea agreement that he made, which you can read here (PDF). It explains this on page 5, as shown below (with my emphasis):
6. Extraordinary restitution. Pursuant to Title 18, United States Code, Section 2319(d), victims of criminal copyright infringement are permitted to submit victim impact statements and are also entitled to restitution under Title 18, United States Code, Section 3663A. The victims in this case have agreed to permit Defendant to make restitution by agreeing to place advertisements in industry trade magazines and other publications identified by the victims describing the facts underlying Defendant's conviction; indicating that he has been convicted and his sentence; and emphasizing that copyright infringement is a criminal offense with serious consequences.
I'm all for Nintendo sticking it to the big fish. These guys should be pariahs in the game industry.

That said, I'd be interested in laws that distinguish between big-time infringers, like this dude, and average folks who just want to play the games they own on emulators.
--Matt Matthews at 12:18
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