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31 January 2006
Taito Legends, Operation Wolf, and PC light guns
I got Taito Legends for the PlayStation 2 for Christmas this year, and I'm still steamed that it doesn't support a light gun for Operation Wolf. I just read in this GameSpot review of Taito Legends for Windows that it doesn't support light guns for playing Operation Wolf either, and is too easy with a mouse.

Wait...Windows has light guns? Who knew?

Apparently it's true, there are light guns for Windows, but this one I've found is prohibitively expensive: only $80! That's only four times the price of Taito Legends itself! And for $80, I'd prefer something other than a dainty girly pistol. Of course, it does have a nice look, while all the console guns I own look like oversized plastic water guns.

Incidentally, I'm told that Taito Legends (for Windows, at least) actually has MAME-compatible ROMs right there on the CD, out in the open. And you'll note that this gun says it's MAME-compatible. So does that mean that the best way to play Operation Wolf is to buy the collection and gun, even though they don't work together, just so you can download MAME to use with ROMs ripped off the CD? Crazy.
--Matt Matthews at 20:53
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yes and no...
1. operation wolf is not completely emulated in MAME still (the intermission screens are missing)

2. taito legends only works with directx 9.x compatible cards, any somewhat older gfx card will just not do.. crazy really, the only thing taito legends uses 9.x for is the menu!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 February, 2006 21:01  

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