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15 January 2006
Surreal Games and Intelligent Qube
Someone else has probably already said this, but Intelligent Qube is reminiscent of the surreality of classic arcade games, like Robotron: 2084, BurgerTime, and I, Robot.

Each of these classic arcade games pits a humanoid protagonist against a hostile world filled with vaguely recognizable objects. Robotron has Mommy, Daddy, and Mikey walking amongst a field of robots, giant brains, and electrodes. BurgerTime has a chef making sandwiches by walking over the pieces while dodging giant hot dogs and egg. And I, Robot has, well, a robot dodging sharks and birds in space all under the disembodied, watchful eye of Big Brother.

And then there's Intelligent Qube. You play a guy who just happens to face an endless army of giant blocks rolling slowly toward you.

There's just enough sense in these games to suggest a deeper meaning, if only you could find the right angle. Electrodes, giant eggs, space sharks, and giant rolling cubes. What does it mean? Maybe it's a metaphor, or maybe it's just a game.

P.S. No, I still won't give you an ISO of Intelligent Qube.
--Matt Matthews at 23:00
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I saw intelligent whatever, the psp version import, at fry's the other day. Never played the psx game, so I'm wondering if the psp one is good.

By Anonymous zakk, at 16 January, 2006 01:31  

Are you talking about the game PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient or is there really an Intelligent Qube game coming to the PSP? I don't think PQ is related, but I could be wrong...

By Blogger jvm, at 16 January, 2006 10:04  

I think it's more likely that zakk's game is one of the knockoffs of the Brain Flex games that have topped the DS charts in Japan.

By Blogger JohnH, at 16 January, 2006 12:18  

I'll take a picture with my phone next time I'm in Fry's.

By Anonymous zakk, at 16 January, 2006 16:17  

Yeah turned out to be Practical Intelligence whatever.

By Anonymous zakk, at 16 January, 2006 20:27  

I understand what you mean. I have played I.Q (Kurushi where I live) and i think there may be a message or secret meaning under the isolated figure against a relentless army of rolling cubes with the strange orchestrations playing. But as you said it may be just A game (even though I think its mor fun to explore things which appear simple but have a deep meaning.)

By Blogger TheDeeperMeanings, at 07 April, 2008 18:52  

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