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10 January 2006
Paying the Piper
In a recent comment I said I wished for a legal way to play Two Tigers, an old arcade game from Bally Midway. I knew there was a Commodore 64 clone of it, called The Island of Dr. Destructo, which wasn't released in the U.S.

Now I own my very own original copy of The Island of Dr. Destructo, and I intend to play it any time I need a Two Tigers fix. In an emulator, of course.
--Matt Matthews at 23:14
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I loved Two Tigers in the arcade.

Briefly playing it a couple of years back by emulation was...not that great. The lack of a paddle was a definite issue. I've had worse "aged beyond my memories" experiences (like Frontline and Tokio,) but I think part of it was also the game itself.

With the two issues combined, a clone on a different system (built for different control) might have aged better than the original?

By Anonymous Baines, at 11 January, 2006 02:30  

Well, I tell you, it's not a great clone.

One thing is, it's really quite difficult. Harder than it had to be. And the controls are fine, but not perfect.

So it's acceptable. Certainly enough to keep me from feeling the least bit tempted to download the Two Tigers ROM.

Hopefully it'll make it into a real emulation collection someday...someday...

By Blogger jvm, at 11 January, 2006 20:38  

Or less likely, someone might make a better clone...

By Anonymous Baines, at 12 January, 2006 01:16  

I've never played either game, would someone mind cluing me in on what makes it, in your opinion, great? Gotta work on closing these gaps in my gaming knowledge....

By Blogger JohnH, at 12 January, 2006 09:34  

Briefly, you have to shoot enemy planes so that they crash into the ship below and, with enough hits, cause the ship to sink. You have one bomb, per man (?), to drop, so all damage must be done to the ships indirectly through shooting other planes.

It's easy to shoot planes, but more difficult to sink a ship. So it appeals to button-mashing, but also rewards good timing.

It also had good sound effects which, according to KLOV, were on 8-track tape! (Not that that's what makes the game great, but come on...that's cool.)

By Blogger jvm, at 12 January, 2006 09:58  

I liked it because it was different. Mind, it was made back in a period where plenty of games were different...

You sink a boat by causing a required number of leaks. You cause leaks by blasting a column from the top of the boat all the way to the water. You damage the ship block by block, similar to breaking through a wall in Breakout.

There is also a time limit to sink a ship. Eventually the ship will start moving and leave the screen, though you have a chance to still sink it.

As said, you mainly damage the ship by shooting down enemy planes. As the ship is almost the length of the screen, nearly anywhere you shoot an enemy, he will likely in turn hit the ship. But due to the time limit, you can't just rely on randomly hitting the enemies, you need to hit them so that they fall into certain spots.

There is also a mine that occassionally floats by in the water. If you shoot it, it takes out around 3 blocks from the bottom of the ship.

Your plane is controlled by a paddle/dial controller, not a stick. Sometimes this is nice, sometimes not...

And, as the name indicates, two people can play.

By Anonymous Baines, at 13 January, 2006 01:16  

The Amstrad CPC version of 'The Island of Dr. Destructo' was the best version of that 8 bit computer game. The Sinclair Spectrum (Timex in the US) and C64 version were conversions.

The C64 version lacked the same level of playability as the Amstrad CPC version. The graphics weren't as nice as the Amstrad version either.

I believe there are some Amstrad CPC emulators out on the net as well as libraries of old games.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 January, 2006 17:00  

Good point, Anon. In fact, World of Spectrum has it up for download, as I recall. Which I'm going to take means it's in the clear.

By Blogger jvm, at 17 January, 2006 22:08  

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