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10 January 2006
Ok, who slipped Colossal Cave into the news copy?
Today an NPR story called The Quest for Reliable Directions by David Kestenbaum about online map services had the following line:
Sisk admits that he lives in a complicated part of the city, a maze of twisty little roads, all alike.
Any gamer worth his salt recognizes the emphasized bit as a paraphrased famous line from Colossal Cave. Is Kestenbaum an adventure gamer? Did Sisk, the person mentioned in the story, use those words? Did someone else slip it in? Did the author know about, or even play, the famous game?

Anyway, hearing it was enough to wake me up during my morning commute. And it got me wondering whether the phrase "maze of twisty little [somethings] all alike" is a commonly used phrase that predates Colossal Cave.

--Matt Matthews at 20:24
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