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21 January 2006
Microsoft: Aroma Disc player not ruled out for Xbox 360
After admitting Xbox 360 support for Blu-Ray was possible then clarifying with a press release saying "Not so fast!" a fuming public has demanded to know where Microsoft stands on Remington Aroma Disc player support (figure, right). To soothe consumers, Microsoft has issued an official statement:
The question of whether Xbox 360 has the flexibility to adapt to consumers' needs is a different issue entirely. Xbox 360 is a future-proofed system - one that allows us to add features as consumers demand them.

When the high-definition Aroma DiscTM technology market explodes, whether in 2006 or beyond, Microsoft will lead the industry with the best Aroma DiscTM support on any home console. The good news is that as spectacular as things smell now, the aroma potential for Xbox 360 is just barely being tapped. You haven't smelt anything yet.
Bold words, indeed, with a whiff of defensiveness.

The choice of words "add features as consumers demand them" leaves me wondering: If enough consumers demand a feature like "interesting games" or "mediocre games that cost less than 25 Big Macs", will the Xbox 360 be able to deliver?

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--Matt Matthews at 00:30
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I presume XBOX 360 is designed so that it can be expanded later? Don't know what that statement really means...

"Quality games" are made by game developers (hopefully ;)) and low-priced games won't be found anywhere (as we know what today's marketers are up to: wanting to get high revenues). If they want to stay in the console biz, they have to offer quality.

By Anonymous Game Producer, at 21 January, 2006 01:59  

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