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16 January 2006
Jeepers, Mactax!
Regarding Neverwinter Nights as a way to approximate a modern SSI Gold Box game, it appears that Bioware makes the Windows version (usable with the GNU/Linux client) and MacSoft makes the MacOS version. So I have to buy one or the other...or both, if I'm feeling generous. I checked prices on Amazon:

Windows version is $6.98 new and $5.50 used.

Mac version is $37.95 new and $48.09 used.

(That's not a typo. There is currently one used copy of Mac NWN on Amazon and the seller wants more than a new copy.)

I was expecting a Windows/Mac combo like I got for Diablo II. Guess that's pretty much a Blizzard-only thing, eh?

Here's hoping the Mac games market really benefits from the move to Intel processors! (And I'm not talking what Cedega's done for GNU/Linux, either.)
--Matt Matthews at 19:52
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Hilariously, I recently bought Neverwinter Nights FUCKING AGAIN because of this. Also I couldn't find my Mac copies serial # or I would have just juarezed a copy of the x86 version.

I also realized I've bought every game Bioware has ever made except MDK2--but since I've bought NWN TWICE I think I have that covered.


By Blogger Michael, at 17 January, 2006 12:35  

Um, makes you wonder if Matt reads my submissions at all. And they reported Civ3?!!

By Blogger rufbo, at 17 January, 2006 22:58  

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