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16 January 2006
Hiding in Plain Sight
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 has these little hints on the loading screen, one of which says "buy potions in town, since you'll need them in dungeons." Good advice, if you can find a freaking shop at all! I checked every open door in the whole town of Baldur's Gate and didn't find one.

Turns out, there is no shop, really. Rather, there is a dude standing in the streets of Baldur's Gate that acts as a shop. No icon on the map. No bubble over his head. No hints from NPCs. Nothing.

To the designer of that little feature, thanks for wasting my time.
--Matt Matthews at 20:46
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Back to your post on the 13th, what you should check out is the original "Baldur's Gate" ( for the PC (and Mac) using the infinity engine.
"Icewind Dale" was a more dungeon-crawl focused game, but I think they'll suit what you're looking for -- full party based systems, full towns with NPC's and quests and reasons to go to them, and an overworld (and some guest NPC visits) that ties in with D&D from your P&P days (if you played Forgotten Realm).

You should be able to buy them online at Amazon or various Mac gaming sites.

By Blogger Alex, at 17 January, 2006 13:06  

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