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30 January 2006
#@%*! GBA counterfeiters (and spotting fakes)
Almost exactly a year ago I got a counterfeit Double Dragon Advance cartridge from an Amazon seller. This past week I ordered a different game, Racing Gears Advance, from a different Amazon seller and got another counterfeit! I'm furious! I save up the dough for a semi-rare game, shop around, and what I get is ripped off.

Nintendo showed me how to spot a fake at their handy anti-piracy site. The inside of my cartridge (which isn't Advance Wars, but something else entirely) looks like the right-half of this picture:What an ugly hack job. A real Advance Wars should look like this:Notice any tiny differences there? You can see more real-to-fake comparisons at this comparison page.

What made me suspicious enough to open the cartridge? Three things:
  1. The cartridge was off by about a millimeter from the size of the other cartridges I own when inserted into the GBA.
  2. No "NINTENDO" on the contacts, as zakk suggested when I got scammed on Double Dragon. I think all the legit GBA games on Nintendo's anti-piracy site have that marking.
  3. The screw on the back of the case was badly ripped up.



--Matt Matthews at 23:45
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For reference.

By Anonymous zachary, at 31 January, 2006 01:17  

Awesome site from Nintendo.

By Blogger Michael, at 31 January, 2006 14:52  

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