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17 January 2006
Eat that, capitalists!
This Press The Buttons post directed me to a Siliconera post about Game Quest Direct's reprinting of rare games. Apparently, this has some people upset. I can understand: I just sold three sealed copies of Final Fantasy VII for the PSOne on eBay for more than twice what they originally cost us to buy them from a local shop. I had no intention of playing those particular copies, true, but now I have money to buy a used copy and something else that tickles my fancy. If my little scheme had been busted by some outside agitator, well, I'd be a tiny bit sore and then I'd move on.

After all market value on these things is always volatile, and if you were speculating on games, you understood that. You got caught out? Thanks for your contribution to our capitalist world, brother. Better luck next time.

For my part, I'm going thank my lucky stars that GQD didn't have any copies of FF7 in stock these past few weeks and maybe use my hard earned eBay profits to get a brand new GBA copy of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, now for the low-low price of $20.

One last note: I wish the Siliconera post pointed to some actual people who are upset with GQD. Without hard evidence, my tinfoil hat makes me think journaltisement.
--Matt Matthews at 19:41
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I believe you mean Costco or Sam's Club moreso than Wal-Mart, which seems just happy selling a single burrito for 43ยข. ;^)

By Blogger rufbo, at 17 January, 2006 22:59  

If you're looking for people upset at GQD, just search around threads. You'll find some silly 'games-are-collectables' folks spewing vitrol there. More to the point, you'll also find a lot of folks who claim GQD cheated them (damaged copies, etc). GQD may have done some gamers a favor by making 'rare' games easier to get, but it's really just a side-effect...they're in it for top dollar, just like everyone else.

By Blogger Dan-o, at 18 January, 2006 02:43  

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