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23 January 2006
Collect them all: National Guard gets own game
According to Next-Generation, the U.K developer Rebellion will be making two PC games, Prism: Threat Level Red and Prism: Guard Shield, to be used for recruitment by the U.S. National Guard. What's it like?
In the game, you'll play as a member of a secret anti-terroism team called PRISM, defending against attacks on U.S. targets.
Sounds like the average National Guard tour of duty, no? I guess having potential recruits dodging IEDs on the streets of Baghdad wasn't as exciting.

As I noted just yesterday, the Army and the Navy already have their own games, America's Army and Navy Training Exercise: Strike & Retrieve. Furthermore, Full Spectrum Warrior was originally created at the behest of the American Army, while Close Combat: First to Fight was reportedly developed with the help of active-duty Marines.

Perhaps Namco and the U.S. Air Force can work together next to make a fighter pilot recruitment game. I can see it now: you play a member of a secret anti-terrorism team of fighter pilots...
--Matt Matthews at 19:53
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Maybe Konami can help the U.S. government by making a "Stealth Simulator" to help train agents spy on the Russian... And make it chock full of 80's references, too.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January, 2006 22:31  

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