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09 January 2006
Cathode Tan: XBox 360 Launch a Dud?
Cathode Tan finally asks the question: XBox 360 Launch a Dud? It's bad news for Microsoft if this becomes the conventional wisdom. Just like the "Atari Jaguar is 64-bit by using two 32-bit processors", once ideas like this become established they can be nigh impossible to shake.

(For what it's worth, which ain't much, I recklessly suggested the Xbox 360 would be a flop right before the launch.

Now, you might also want to complain that I didn't get any of the right reasons, as cited by Cathode Tan's Josh. Fair enough. I would suggest that the lackluster launch games are hindering uptake of the new system, one of the issues Josh cites, and that was my primary complaint.)

There is an idea that I've seen a couple of times in headlines today that suggests that while the PlayStation 3 is rumored to be late, the Xbox 360 might have been rushed and therefore too early. I suggested a while back that Microsoft was abandoning the Xbox too soon, and I still think that might be the case. I realize they wanted to cash in on an uncontested Christmas and get a base before the other players were on the field, but it appears that competing with Murphy and his law might have got them anyway.

Imagine that Microsoft had pushed instead for one last holiday of really great Xbox titles, like Half-life 2. Given the rumors of struggling PlayStation 3 development, they could have been more than adequately prepared to take on Sony on face-to-face for Christmas 2006, landing a crushing blow on their toughest competitor. Or, if Sony missed 2006 making them really late, then Microsoft would be seen as stealing Sony's thunder.

Now, instead, Microsoft may be permanently hobbled, and possibly weak enough to be "Dreamcasted" by Sony.

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--Matt Matthews at 11:57
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It just goes to show ya, if you make your system white, no one will buy it. Odd that Grey (Playstation 1) generates industry changing sales, but white just gets you a bunch of fanboys stewing over coffee, muttering "It coulda' been a contenda!"

I personally hope that Microsoft's little white box goes to console heaven. They bring nothing but more of the banal to our industry, and steal profits from the innovative titles that Nintendo and occasionally Sony are putting out.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 January, 2006 15:21  

Yes, Microsoft puts a gun to everyone's head and demands they buy a 360 not a PS3.


By Blogger Michael, at 09 January, 2006 18:50  

Are you kidding? MS is evil, obviously. That doesn't change the fact that the 360 was the hot gift for Christmas and is still in such demand that they can't be kept on the shelves.

Some hardware defects and some mediocre launch games - that's true of every single console launch sing Pong.

Hoping for MS to fail is one thing. Living in fantasy land is another.

By Blogger SupesDied, at 12 January, 2006 14:17  

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