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06 January 2006
Bad News: Bubble Bobble goes 3D
According to Eurogamer, a the classic game Bubble Bobble is going to get an update, called Bubble Bobble Evolution, moving the game from 2D to 3D. Here's an important bit:
"We wanted to bring something new to Bubble Bobble beyond a straightforward 3D update. With the PSP, we have its raw power and we've channeled that into creating a deeper, more complex take on the Bubble Bobble concept," said producer Tony Byus.
Brilliant. I emphasized the brilliant part, in case you missed it. There's one thing that always makes classic arcade games better, and that's making them deeper and more complex! How complex? Like this:
[T]he level structure of the game has changed. Instead you will see three screens on a central "spindle" and you'll be able to jump between them whenever you like.
Maybe the reporter botched the description, but this does not sound intuitive, nor does it sound terribly fun. More:
"This isn't Bubble Bobble as fans of the series are used to. This is an entirely new game and with these puzzle elements included, it is literally an evolution of the original game design concept."
Good luck with that.

Naturally, I'll hold final judgment until I play the actual game (domestic or import), but this reminds me of the needless royal screwing that Konami has given the Castlevania series. Konami's made four straight 3D Castlevania games on consoles and every one of them is a stinker. The 2D games on Nintendo handhelds, by comparison, have gotten better and better with each new release.

Look, it's not that 2D game concepts can't go 3D. They can. Tomb Raider is essentially Prince of Perisa in three dimensions. That worked. Going from Gex to Gex 3D turned out well too. From Gauntlet to Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance? Also a great evolution. And Grand Theft Auto moved to (full) 3D and turned out better than the original, if I may be so bold.

But this isn't true of every game type. Worms is great, but Worms 3D is crap. Defender and Robotron? Good in 2D, not so much in 3D. And I bet Earthworm Jim wishes he'd stayed a 2D platformer instead of ending his career in Earthworm Jim 3D (again, except for 2D games on handhelds).

I hope Bub and Bob know what they're doing. I sure don't have a positive vibe on this new game, but maybe they'll pull it off.


--Matt Matthews at 00:26
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Comments on this post:

Have you played Worms:Forts Under Siege? It doesn't follow the classic gameplay as close as Worms3D, but its a good game in its own rigt. I had a lot of fun playing it.

By Blogger Casey, at 06 January, 2006 18:48  

Nope, can't say I've gotten Worms: Forts Under Seige. I'll keep an eye out for it.

By Blogger jvm, at 06 January, 2006 22:11  

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