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03 January 2006
Abe Vigoda nears immortal status
Abe Vigoda, famous for his roles in The Godfather and Barney Miller, has turned the tables on The Abe Vigoda Death Watch. Here he is appearing in the upcoming Godfather game by Electronic Arts. Click to see him in all his glory.

If this game makes it to market, then a living, breathing, talking, bug-eyed, corpse-textured Abe Vigoda will be with us for the ages. In 10 years our kids will see him live again by playing pirated ISO ripz of The Godfather on their Xbox 360 emulators.

Take that, Death!
--Matt Matthews at 23:11
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Not to mention his appearance as an Xmas tree on Conan over the holidays [sic & sick]...

By Blogger rufbo, at 04 January, 2006 13:20  

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