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25 December 2005
Xmas Curmudgeon
Merry Christmas, everyone.

We had a great morning, with lots of fun surprises for everyone. I ended up getting 29 games under our Christmas tree. Ok, that's a little lie: I got Taito Legends, an emulation package with 29 old arcade games, including the Curmudgeon Gamer favorite Bubble Bobble.

It looks like my wife isn't interested in the copy of Katamari Damacy that I got her, so I guess I'll play it for her. And it appears that my son is too young to play his new copy of Resident Evil 4, so I'll check it out for him and be ready to help him play through it in, say, a decade when he hits his teens.

If you have a story to tell, let's hear it.
--Matt Matthews at 10:53
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Our extended family rents a dining hall every year for a huge dinner, and various festive activities and socializing. The hall has a big-screen TV, so this year I decided to turn my laptop into a portable arcade machine. I stacked it with Mame, Gameex, 4 logitech gamepads, and pretty much every mame ROM in existence. It wasn't as big of a hit as I had hoped, but it got played and it worked really well. We mostly played Gauntlet, Bomberman and Marvel Avengers.

By Blogger Casey, at 26 December, 2005 02:14  

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