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05 December 2005
What I Hate About Liberty City Stories
Remember the end of Metal Gear Solid when Meryl (or Otacon, you wimps) drove the jeep and you shot at Liquid Snake? That was fun wasn't it? No?

Oh, right. That was pretty bad. After spending the whole game learning to control the situation through stealth and combat, Kojima throws that out the window and gives you what amounts to Hogan's Alley starring Solid Snake! Makes me wonder why Kojima did it again in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater where, shockingly, it still wasn't fun.

But, today I'm not here to complain about Metal Gear games. Rather, I'm here to complain about the shooting-while-NPC-drives sections of GTA: Liberty City Stories, of which I've now encountered two. One is in a boat and the other in a car. The controls are so unwieldy that I feel like I'm trying to shoot left-handed with an anvil tied to the muzzle of the gun. Yes, I know about using the L trigger for fine-tuned aim -- it's still no fun!

Sure, I enjoyed spending my weekend getting my favorite GTA character, Donald Love, elected to public office. Give me more fun missions like that and no shooter-on-rails missions.
--Matt Matthews at 01:10
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I enjoyed that part of MGS....a lot... :(

By Anonymous zakk, at 05 December, 2005 01:55  

Heads up... Resident Evil 4's final section is also like that, except instead of shooting, you just steer a boat through an obstacle course while the base blows up behind you. After defeating the fairly cool last boss on one try, getting done in a half-dozen times because you aren't swerving right soon enough is a real pain.

But aren't all "puzzle bosses" like that in a way? The game takes you out of the main play mechanic and gives you something unrelated to the main game to serve as the end of the section. In a way, it's like a minigame thrown in in order to supply "variety." I remember being annoyed with some of MGS1's bosses for the same general thing, come to think of it.

By Blogger JohnH, at 05 December, 2005 13:24  

Fwiw, GTA:SA has a number of these that I would have never gotten past had I not guessed (correctly) that I could aim with the mouse even when playing with the PS2 w/ analog stick equivalent Logitech pad. *Very* aggravating, and I can't imagine doing it on a console.

By Blogger rufbo, at 02 August, 2006 11:25  

I should say that the PSP analog nub is far worse than the PS2 analog stick for this kind of thing. Sliding motion is just not as smooth as tilting motion.

Now, if this were the Nintendo DS and I could just use the stylus...

By Blogger jvm, at 02 August, 2006 11:37  

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