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14 December 2005
Target Arcade Machine = Crap
I'm stuck out of town waiting for an ice storm to pass, but on a trip to pick up an ethernet cable from Target I saw the Midway Home Use Arcade and spent a few minutes on Robotron: 2084.

Let's just say, based on that one trip, I wouldn't spend money on it.

The screen wasn't as big as I'd hoped. And it had lots of space around it, which meant they could have used a larger screen in that cabinet. Moreover, the screen image wasn't centered (couldn't see bottom of Robotron playfield) and wasn't calibrated to show the correct colors. Now, perhaps it could be centered and the colors made right if someone tweaked it, but it shouldn't have that problem this young.

Also, the joysticks squeaked like mad! It was like a constantly creaking door inside that thing. If this is what happens after a few weeks of use in a store, I can only imagine what would happen if I played Robotron: 2084 every night before bed!

Anyway, the price is back up to $500 (after dropping down to $400 for a while) and they're back in stock. But I wouldn't waste my money on one, if I were you.
--Matt Matthews at 23:38
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There's mine. For a proper machine visit BYOAC and learn how to build one or restore an original. Those target machines suck!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 January, 2006 16:37  

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