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25 December 2005
Taito Legends 2
Apparently there will be a Taito Legends 2, with 40 games. Crazy. I've only heard of three of them: Qix, Puzzle Bobble 2, and Frontline. I doubt this will make it out over here in North America, which is a shame. I'd like to try it out, since I'll never see these games any other way.

I found this while browsing the Taito Legends website. See this post on their forums pointing to the press release.

Here's the full list. The ordering in the press release was difficult to discern, so I alphabetized, for easier scanning.
  1. Alpine Ski
  2. Arabian Magic
  3. Balloon Bomber
  4. Bonze Adventure
  5. Cameltry
  6. Chack'n' Pop
  7. Cleopatra Fortune
  8. Crazy Balloon
  9. Darius Gaiden
  10. Don Doko Don
  11. Dungeon Magic
  12. Elevator Action Returns
  13. The Fairyland Story
  14. Football Champ (Hat-Trick Hero)
  15. Frontline
  16. G Darius
  17. Gekirindan
  18. Grid Seeker: Project Storm Hammer
  19. Growl
  20. Gun Frontier
  21. Insector X
  22. KiKi KaiKai
  23. Kuri Kinton
  24. Legend of Kage
  25. Liquid Kids
  26. Lunar Rescue
  27. Metal Black
  28. Puchi Carat
  29. PuLiRuLa
  30. Puzzle Bobble 2
  31. Qix
  32. Raimais
  33. Rastan 2
  34. Ray Storm
  35. Space Invaders 95
  36. Space Invaders DX
  37. Super Space Invaders 91
  38. Syvalion
  39. Violence Fight
  40. Wild Western
--Matt Matthews at 14:30
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