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01 December 2005
MMORPGs: Never Say It!
Tonight NPR's All Things Considered's weekly troll of their inbox yielded some good videogame-related snickers. A listener complained about this story which discussed the interplay between virtual MMORPG money and real U.S. dollars.

The first chuckle was the pronunciation of MMORPGs, which they said MORE-PEGS. In my head, when I see that word, I've always pronounced it EM-EM-OH-AR-PEE-GEEZ. I'm sure I just don't travel in the right circles and in fact millions of people call them MORE-PEGS, but for me it managed to make them sound even more dorky than they already are. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The second chuckle came when Robert Siegel identified the complainer as "Philip C. Bernstein aka Gorvanak the Armsman, Yorga the Vampire, Vestbla the Healer, Billeg the Warrior, and Lady Coldstrike". Whew. Perhaps it's just hearing Siegel give these names with his best straight delivery. What a great sign-off, Phillip...I mean Billeg.

Anyway, you can listen for yourself.
--Matt Matthews at 19:56
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Comments on this post:

Yes, I've heard people say "more-peg" before. It gave me the shudders. One reason to prefer MMO or MMG over MMORPG, IMO.

By Blogger Greg, at 02 December, 2005 08:39  

MMO is too close to MOO.


By Blogger JohnH, at 02 December, 2005 12:27  

Everyone I know says MMO, have never heard more-peg. Better is "it's an online game, you know, a game for losers."

(says the man with a WoW /played of >1 month)

By Blogger Michael, at 02 December, 2005 13:39  

I typically say muh-more-pig. I've heard others say it too, so I know I'm not entirely crazy!

By Blogger Bryan-Mitchell, at 02 December, 2005 19:37  

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