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03 December 2005
Macworld: Feature: Mac Games: What to look for in 2006
Can anyone explain this to me?

It's deja vu all over again: Aspyr Media is bringing Civilization III to the Mac, years after MacSoft's conversion of the game. What's different in this release is that Aspyr has ported Civilization III: Complete, which includes the game's expansion packs and multiplayer Play the World expansion, which didn't make it to the Macintosh the first time around. Because of the weird way these things work, the game had to be ported to the Mac from the ground up (again), but, oddly, the same Mac programmer (Brad Oliver) who worked on the original is doing this version too.

Someone tell me this is an issue of licensing, because past that I'm horribly confused. The same coder can't manage to add a couple of additions to his existing code? And it's worth it to recode Civ3 to add a couple of expansion features and it's not worth porting a new game *coughcoughfinish up Half-Lifecoughcough*?
(emph mine, of course)

--ruffin at 13:01
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By Blogger Michael, at 05 December, 2005 23:35  

Is it surprising that MacSoft owns his work?

The really bizarre bit is why they're porting Civ III months before they port Civ IV.


By Blogger Michael, at 05 December, 2005 23:38  

They had the Half-Life port actually functional; there were a number of demos given behind closed doors (Meggs is a port god).

Sierra axed the project because they decided it wouldn't be profitable; I remember Andrew was quite broken up about it because he felt it was great work and would be really awesome.

By Blogger Ravuya, at 18 December, 2005 01:04  

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