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05 December 2005
Good Trailer Music: Ace Combat Zero
I just saw this trailer for Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War and was reminded of how music sells me on games, especially great music in trailers. Three cases:
  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - If you go to the official Liberty City Stories site and browse to the trailers section, check out Trailer 1, "The Friends You'll Make". That music is "A Dark March" by Danger Mouse, the title track for LCS, and it's pitch perfect for this style game. In addition to music, seeing the characters from GTA3, especially Donald Love, made me even more eager to get the game.
  • Silent Hill 2 - One trailer sold me on the game. The only place I know to get it is on this GameSpot page. Having played the game through twice, I can confirm that this trailer evokes perfectly the game's eerie atmosphere, and the music is key. I think it's essentially the opening cinema for Silent Hill 2, but I don't recall if it's precisely the same.
  • Soul Blade (Soul Edge) - Not precisely a trailer, but early on I saw someone's rip of the PSOne port's opening cinema. I was sold. Great music and interesting characters made me want this game. I ended up renting, falling in love, and buying it. I don't have any idea where you can see it online.
Back to that Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War trailer. The music struck me as particularly good. Sure, I'm an Ace Combat junkie, so I was predisposed to buy it. But Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War doesn't rise above mediocre, including the forgettable music. Compared to Ace Combat 04, which had one of the most haunting soundtracks this side of Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, Ace Combat 5 is quite poor.

If Ace Combat Zero has a story that shows the same level of care that I see in this trailer, both for music and editing, then I think it'll turn out ok. After all, I'm not playing these games just for the unique gameplay: you fly and you shoot, just like the last five games. (Fortunately, they know how to make that part fun.) Therefore a good story, well told and set to the right music, can make all the difference.
--Matt Matthews at 22:25
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If you think that the soundtrack of Ace Combat 5 was not as good and not better than 4's I'm allmost sure you didn't hear it....not all 4 CDs of it anyway.
Most of the fans thought that was more than awsome.Of course 4 had pieces like "Agnus Dei" , "Second Strike" and "Comona" (yeah!) but 5 had "The Unsung War" , " 2nd Briefing" and " First Flight" in that order to compare as well as the seperate "fast" mixes for the arcade version and not to forget "BLURRY" !

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 March, 2006 12:52  

Well, I am about 1/2 through AC5 and just couldn't bear to go on. Booooring. I'll give it another try someday, so don't give up on me yet.

By Blogger jvm, at 06 March, 2006 13:02  

Ace Combat 5 music was goood, and "blurry" was just perfect! if u didnt like it, then u dont know what is music. Yea, I agree that the sountrack of the opening in Ace Combat Zero is great, but AC% has a really good pro.

By Anonymous Ricardo, at 27 July, 2006 19:55  

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