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03 December 2005
Double Dragon Advance, Take Two
You might recall that the last time I bought Double Dragon Advance I ended up with a pirate cart, complete with intro screen designed by the pirates. Well, I tried buying another one, and this time the cart appears to be legit. At least it doesn't have a pirate brag when I fire it up.

It's a great little brawler, and I love playing it. But it's missing something. You see, even when I'm at the top of my game, it still takes 30 minutes to plow through the first four levels. There are something like 7 or 8 in all, and I usually don't have a full hour to put toward the full game.

You can't choose a level to start on. It doesn't have any way to save the game. It doesn't have passwords. Jeepers, people, it doesn't even have any cheat codes to skip levels. What kind of sadists wrote this game?

Quick question, the answer to which I'm far too lazy to look up. I've been told you can put a Nintendo DS to sleep similar to how my PSP will go to sleep when I need to stop. Can I do that when I'm using a GameBoy Advance game on the DS? If so, then there's one point definitely in favor of getting a DS.

Maybe sometime in 2006 I'll have enough time in one sitting to actually finish Double Dragon Advance. At least I'm already horribly efficient at the first three levels...


--Matt Matthews at 22:44
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Nope, the DS doesn't automatically go to sleep when you close it if it's running a GBA game. The sleep function appears to be built into the DS games themselves, instead of being offered as a system-level service.

Of course, many GBA games have their own sleep modes. Although different games may have their own means of activating it, and sometimes it's not well documented. Try pressing various combinations of L, R, Select and A and see if something comes up.

By Blogger JohnH, at 04 December, 2005 12:39  

If they couldn't be bothered to implement saves, passwords, or level-skip cheat codes, then I very much doubt they'll have a sleep mode. But I'll give it a whack.

By Blogger jvm, at 04 December, 2005 12:46  

If you like old school beat-em-ups like Double Dragon, I was very happily surprised by the GBA version of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. The animation is absolutely amazing, too, and it's got fun RPG elements. Only downside is that it's rather short, maybe four hours to get through the whole thing.

By Blogger Luc, at 05 December, 2005 09:33  

That's cool about Revenge of the Sith. Now if it weren't still $27, I'd consider it. Guess I'll hit up eBay and see what they're going for there...

By Blogger jvm, at 05 December, 2005 18:19  

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