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21 December 2005
Critical...but not TOO critical!
If you've got a fat connection, check out Dubious Honors of 2005 from GameSpot. Sounds good, doesn't it? Look out! Real criticism ahead!

In particular, wander over to Most Aggravating Framerate / Best Slideshow where you'll quickly discover that you can only see the winners by watching a video. Nice, eh?

Anyway, there's something funny about that video. What could it be? Oh, yeah, the framerates look decent on every game! I mean, I've seen some awful framerates in my time. I actually downloaded and played through the notorious 3DNow!-enhanced Trespasser demo, for crying out loud. That was a slideshow, kids. Back then, we would have killed for framerates of the kind I'm seeing in this video.

Does this mean that framerates that would have been considered great six years ago are now considered slideshows? Probably not. If I had to guess, GameSpot just couldn't be bothered to show places where these games really slow down to a crawl. I wonder why.

Oh, and the winner is Quake 4 on Xbox 360. Just so you know.

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--Matt Matthews at 22:50
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Arhg -- for me, I can't get the video to work at all in Firefox (works just fine at places like gametrailers). As far as I'm concerned the framerate in the videos is lousy :-)

Anyone want to clue me in on who/what won?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 24 December, 2005 04:20  

Just for dubious honors?

Worst product placement - SWAT 4
Worst celebrity voice - Walken
Worst delay - Zelda
Worst framerate - Quake 4
Worst trend - "urban" games
Worst long title - King Kong
Worst swearing - True Crime NY
Most disappointing - FIFA 06 on Xbox 360
Worst "urban" game - 187 Ride or Die
Worst game - Land of the Dead
Best game no one played - Psychonauts

By Blogger jvm, at 24 December, 2005 09:20  

Thanks JVM. Much appreciated.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 December, 2005 20:21  

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