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15 December 2005
Bogus Opening Sentence
The recent GameSpot review of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones opens with this line:
The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trilogy has always been known for its tight controls and satisfying environmental puzzles set in beautiful levels.
Am I miscounting here? When was there a Sands of Time trilogy before the game this dude is reviewing that could be known for its tight controls?

(And, yes, I realize there were Prince of Persia games before this one. The author is clearly starting from the more recent Sands of Time game.)
--Matt Matthews at 08:14
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Comments on this post:

Well, now its a trilogy, and the previous games in what is now a trilogy have been known for their tight controls.

Or are you saying that the last too games didn't have tight controls? They felt tight to me.

By Blogger Casey, at 15 December, 2005 19:40  

My issue is with saying that the triology is known for something. Since the trilogy doesn't actually exist until this game, the trilogy itself can't be known for anything. Rather, one should say "the first two Sands of Time" games are known for something.

Controls are irrelevant. The point is that the first sentence of this review is sloppy, sloppy. Any competent editor should have caught that.

By Blogger jvm, at 15 December, 2005 19:45  

Well, somebody's gotta have trilogies of two to make up for Douglas Adams' trilogy of four (or did it make it to five?).

By Blogger rufbo, at 20 December, 2005 13:23  

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