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16 November 2005
Zero Tolerance Trademark Law
I almost wrote a few weeks ago about the new first-person shooter Zero Tolerance: City Under Fire coming out from Eidos and how it apparently had no relation to the Zero Tolerance on the Sega Genesis. At the time that I saw the news release, I wondered if Eidos had made sure there were no legal conflicts.

Now it appears that Randel Reiss, president of Technopop, publisher of the Genesis game, has sent Eidos a Cease-and-Desist letter claiming he has the trademark on Zero Tolerance. I'm not totally sure I feel he's got a case, but perhaps he's got a Zero Tolerance game in the work that we don't know about.

For what it's worth, Zero Tolerance for the Genesis is liberated and legal to download. I know because Randel emailed me about it himself back in the 1990s, when I asked about the link cable that could be used to network two Sega Genesis machines running Zero Tolerance. He also liberated the unfinished sequel, Beyond Zero Tolerance, so it is also legal to download.
--Matt Matthews at 21:05
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