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20 November 2005
Tomb Raider: Delay
This past week I was going to read reviews of Tomb Raider: Legend, slated for a 15 November release, and decide if it belonged on my Christmas list. After a week of no reviews I checked around and it's now slated for a late January/early February 2006 release. The PSP release has been pushed out to possibly March 2006.

From what I can tell, no one in the media has reported the fact that this big-name game will miss the crucial holiday buying period. Sales and the company bottom line will probably suffer as a result. Not a single reporter can be bothered to make some phone calls and write even a short post on this? Way to go!

All you Lara haters can post your "Tomb Raider is crap!" comments below.
--Matt Matthews at 14:26
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It's because no one (save you) cares about Tomb Raider, whether good or bad.

Someone should write an IP post-mortem about it.


By Blogger Michael, at 21 November, 2005 18:44  

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