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14 November 2005
Target Spy Eyes Arcade Machine
As noted in the comments of the previous post the new machines at Target aren't terribly big. This morning Powet Games! gives a firsthand report in this "Midway Arcade machine arrives at Target" post, complete with FuzzyCam pictures.

If it's really this bad, and I have no reason to doubt it, you can count me as one full-grown adult who'll take a pass on these vertically-challenged machines.
--Matt Matthews at 10:39
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Update on the arcade system info:

They have setup an cabinet in my store, its in electronics in the same wall shelfs as the TV displays (putting it aprox 4-5" off the ground) even with the added height, the system is still too low for someone of my height, 6'3", the display is crisp and nice, as would be expected of a 500$ machine, finally last bit of info; the system DOES make use of all six buttons in the game Defender II, but for the most part the console only uses 2 or 3 at a time.

By Anonymous Eternal, at 15 November, 2005 04:27  

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