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10 November 2005
Target Sells More Arcade Games
Two weeks ago I wrote about Target's $500 arcade machine. In fact, they're selling four arcade machines, ranging from $500 up to $6000!

  • Midway Home Use Arcade: 12 Midway games for $500, see it here. Says "full size", which is not what reports said two weeks ago.
  • Arcade Legends Full-Size Arcade Cabinet: 35 Atari and Capcom (whoa!) games for $3000, see it here. Games include Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command and Tempest. Has a trackball!
  • Dream Authentics 2 Player Video Arcade Game: No details now on what games, but costs $3500. See it here. It is a larger system than the first two.
  • Dream Authentics 4 Player Video Arcade Game: Like the 2 Player system, only accomodates 4 players. No idea what games. Also costs $6000. See it here.
That $3000 system sure looks nice, but I really need to see a list of games. I'm hoping that Target will have these in stores in the next week so I can check one out in person.

Also, the Dream Authentics guys seem to have their own business online. You'll see they sell the 2 Player and 4 Player systems with some licensed games. (The cheaper of the two Target offerings appear to be from that other company.) Dream Authentics even has a custom version of MAME designed to run licensed games, which is an interesting twist I'd not seen before. Does that mean it runs only licensed games?

Anyway, this is a good time for home arcade systems. Provided a test-drive at my local store happens and turns out well, I might drop everything from my Christmas list and put the $500 system on there.
--Matt Matthews at 23:40
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Comments on this post:

In my opinion, Atari games are much cooler than Capcom ones. Especially if it contains Rampart... although considering that it contains Atari games, and not "Midway" games, it's likely it's just Asteroids-era stuff, which isn't bad, but they've already been featured in dozens of compilations already.

One really cool Capcom game that hasn't been made available via emulation yet, to my knowledge, is Magic Sword, which with its two-player co-op play, and in its wide array of game situation and powerup items, most resembles a hack-and-slash version of Bubble Bobble than anything else. I don't know if I'd pay 3k for it, though. (How much do the arcade machines themselves go for these days?! And I'm reasonably sure these aren't even set up or licensed for business use!)

By Blogger JohnH, at 11 November, 2005 06:14  

I happen to work at a target as a back room stocker (yes I know, I am technically working one step away from "the man" (wal-mart) that aside); I have seen the 500$ stand up "Full Size "(Laugh) arcade system, as cool as it sounds and even looks, don't bother wasting the money on it. The whole cabinet stands aprox. 4 1/2 ft high the buttons feel terrible (system isn't on in the backroom but I played around with it anyway.. ahh.. gamer to the core can't even resist a system thats turned OFF) the only quality thing about the system is the screen is the same scale size as a regular cabinet making is a decent viewable area, also the joysticks are o.k. (6.5 out of 10, 10 being a real arcade system; minus of course gum and sticky spots from spilled soda) All in all, I'd say the whole system is probally only worth 250$ wholesale price, production costs probally less than an Ps2 or even a gamecube (one of my fav systems but definatly cheaper to make than Xbox or ps2)

My 2 cents.

By Anonymous Eternal, at 13 November, 2005 02:59  

eternal, will you guys be having these out on the floor, running, for people to try out? Even if they are poor, I want to see them for myself, and give them a proper curmudgeoning.

By Blogger jvm, at 13 November, 2005 09:58  

johnh; Magic Sword is slated to be on a future volume of Capcom Classics Collection, according to the trailer on the first volume for PS2.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 14 November, 2005 03:18  

well they normally come in a box and you need to build it yourself, however obviously I saw one setup (two actually). In the backroom the two that I saw had stickers on them saying 'For Display Purpose's Only Not For Sale' so I'd assume so, however I have yet to see the setup on the floor, chances are something like that wont be setup on the floor due to the fact that it is so large and would get in the way of aisle traffic. Maybe you could get lucky and see one at a bigger target in the electronics section of the store, my target is one of the smaller, and more robed ones. >_<

Also, the two systems I saw setup in the backroom but unpluged have disapeered. They were there and then 2 days later they weren't, I never stocked em on a backroom shelf or sent them out to the floor to be stocked, and noone has ever called backroom for one of them so I'd assume they are being sold at another store and we just were sorta 'holding' them for transport.

By Anonymous Eternal, at 14 November, 2005 14:08  

The $500 one isn't too bad actually. It is short, but the ones Target are displaying are usually on a riser, once it's on a riser, you don't really notice. My biggest peeve was the monitor size, it was a bit small. I think they're using dinky little televisions, because when booting the thing up, it said "A/V".

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 15 December, 2005 04:30  

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