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10 November 2005
Picture Worth a Thousand Dollars
Over at Next Generation they're reporting that Halo and Halo 2 will display at a higher resolution with antialiasing when played on an Xbox 360. Here's the image. Click it to make it big.

If this "bonus" means enough to you that you want a $1000 Xbox 360 bundle just to upgrade the image quality a game you already own that plays on a machine you also already own, then please, in the name of all that's good and wholesome, get out of the house now and find something meaningful to spend your life on.

That said, this gets my juices going to find out how great my PS3 will make my old PSOne games look. w00t!

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--Matt Matthews at 12:41
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I don't understand how this could be a bad thing. I don't think its going to sell a lot of systems, and I'm not sure what a $1000 bundle has to do with anything.

I'm happy that the $399 console will have some enhancements for the old games that I'm certainly going to still be playing when buddies are over. Especially considering it can system link with the original xbox in Halo as well.

Sounds a lot like the PS1 texture filtering enhancements that the PS2 had.

By Anonymous jmro, at 10 November, 2005 14:09  

I'm pretty sure that very little is going to change in the graphics of PS1 games. I personally think PS3 isn't going to do as well. 360 has gotten a head start and has much better games out, that's what the PS2 had against the XBox this last generation. Also, PS3 seemed as though it was waiting for the other consoles to show their stuff so they could copy. Now if you say that Nintendo wasn't the first one with the idea, I got two words: Duck Hunt. I'm not gonna spend $600 for a PS3. I'll let one of my friends get suckered in and play on his. I'm sticking to the Wii and 360.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 October, 2006 18:39  

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