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09 November 2005
Machinima or home movie?
I've seen a number of people term movies made using game engines machinima, apparently literally meaning "machine movie", but with the release of several new fan created movies for Second Life, The Sims 2, and now a really scary video about World of Warcraft, I'm starting to wonder if the name machinima should be replaced with "home movie". Machinima now seems a touch overly-simplistic.

This doesn't require much of a jump -- once you've exterioralized the self to the point that you, at least for some significant period of time, identify more with your in-game avatar than your body, well, then these videos are movies of your life. Look, I realize how geeky that sounds, and I hope it doesn't happen to too many people too often else we'll be Matrixin' our way to 2084, but seriously, these are no longer simply stories being told through game engines that might be heavily manipulated, like Red vs. Blue, in part because it's easier/uses a different skillset than stop-motion animation, cartooning, or marionettes. These flicks really are ways to express what's important in someone's [virtual] life. If the money can be real, why can't the rest of the life?
--ruffin at 20:40
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