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10 November 2005
Cathode Tans Blizzard & FilePlanet's Hides
I'm no big fan of GameSpy or their evil spawn, FilePlanet. (I believe Ruffin characterizes me as anti-business. Oh well.) So it warms the cockles of my shrunken, hate-filled heart to see Josh at Cathode Tan savage Blizzard for partnering with FilePlanet to distribute a World of Warcraft free 14-day trial (that's actually a 10-day trial for cheapskate non-paying-FilePlanet-members) through an ActiveX plug-in that doesn't work.

Here's an idea, geniuses. Put your installer up on BitTorrent and forget the scoundrels at FIlePlanet or GameSpot or anywhere else. You'll be hailed on Slashdot within hours, toast of the town for being hip and cool and oh-so-generous.
--Matt Matthews at 23:04
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Not sure if you know, but Blizzard's patch system for WoW is actually based on BitTorrent.


By Blogger Michael, at 12 November, 2005 16:06  

So they're not utilizing the tech they've already got expertise in? Brilliant.

By Blogger jvm, at 12 November, 2005 18:31  

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