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27 October 2005
Winter Vacation in Liberty City

One of the regulars in the IRC channel I frequent has Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for the PSP already. Reading statements like "cruising saint marks on a pcj 600" brings back memories that remind me that I know Liberty City, block by block, better than any other city, real or virtual. Lazlow is back for Chatterbox, apparently, and my favorite station, K-JAH is back on the air. (Let's hope they got The Scientist back for more dub magic.)

I tell you, I can barely restrain myself from running to buy it right now.

Ultimately, I know I have Real Life responsibilities that will consume me until winter break starts in December, so no game for me. But when the right time rolls around, and I have a few free hours in my life, you'll find me vacationing on the streets of Liberty City.
--Matt Matthews at 21:03
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