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23 October 2005
Parappa 2 Fails the Kid Test

I snagged a used copy of Parappa 2 for about the same price Ruffin did a couple of years ago and gave it a lengthy test drive. What a disappointment!

I tried playing it with my young son sitting with me, as he had with the first game. The same child who sat intently focused on the TV for well over 30 minutes watching me play the original Parappa was tired of the sequel after 10 minutes. When he said "Daddy, can we go play blocks?" I knew he was thinking the 3-year-old equivalent of what I was thinking: "This game bites!"

I still put in a good 35 minutes total with the game, and it's hard to say what exactly fell apart here. The tunes are ok, but not catchy. The rapping interface gives better feedback on timing, but the addition of three dials to measure your performance offsets that advance. The story is also not very interesting: "Oh no! All the food is turning into noodles! Save us, Parappa!" Booooring.

Save your dough for something fun. Like Diablo 2.
--Matt Matthews at 00:32
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