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31 October 2005
Another Emulation Tragedy
Fans of commercial emulation packages, prepare for anger. From the Taito Legends review at Gamespot:
For the most part, the games are well emulated and play just as well now as they did in arcades. The light gun games are the exception. Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, and Space Gun all place a gun cursor on the screen, which you move around with the analog stick. This isn't a very suitable replacement for actual light gun support, making these games a little boring.
I'd like to think that the author, Jeff Gerstmann, was holding back a burning rage as he wrote those lines. If I were a die-hard fan of any of those three games, and had been looking forward to them for months, I would be furious at Taito for treating these games so shoddily.

Look, Game Companies, here's a very simple rule for you to follow when rereleasing old games.
If you cannot do the game right, do not do it at all.
Do not rerelease Star Wars: The Arcade Game with terrible controls. Oops! Do not rerelease Kaboom! without decent mouse/trackball/paddle support. Blast! Ok, no (more) crying over spilt milk on those two, I promise. Let's think about the future. Here's one for you, Taito: Do not rerelease Arkanoid without mouse/paddle/trackball support.
--Matt Matthews at 19:06
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