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27 May 2002
Gex Quotes
Ok, so more Gex than Monster Rancher 2 today. It's amazing how much of Gex I remember from playing way back when it was released. Here is a quick rundown of some of my favorite quotes.

  • Sci-fi Gex wearing Star Wars stormtrooper outfit:
    • Has anyone seen Fox Mulder's sister?
    • This is Major Gex to ground control...
    • Keep the tribbles...I just want the quadrotriticale!
  • When lit up with fire powerup:
    • Is it me, or AM I ENGULFED IN FLAMES?!
    • I'm the manly way.
  • In ninja garb:
    • Sure, I'll finish this level...but in an hour, I'll be hungry for another...
    • Say "hello" to the floor!
  • On dinosaur and lava level, dressed as caveman:
    • The difference between here and Hades is that theres' no Kathy Lee Gifford...
    • I'll take Ways I can Burn To Death for $100, Alex.
  • On the Tron-esque computer levels...
    • Boys! Tron didn't work's not gonna work twice!
    • All this technology and Shatner still can't get a decent haircut...
  • Random other ones:
    • Would Cheech and/or Chong report to the front desk.
    • Akira to the white courtesy phone...
    • Ahhh...Detroit! Pearl of the Orient!
    • Clock says: PARTY TIME!
    • Sweeeeeet. Like candy!
More as I remember them.
--Matt Matthews at 01:11
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