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20 February 2002
Getting Old
I got Devil May Cry for my PS2 over the holidays and haven't really had time to dig in seriously until this week. Every night, for the past three days, I've spent time trying to get a good rating (A or B, as opposed to C or D) on the first three levels. And every night I go to bed disgusted that the game seems nearly impossible.

Maybe I just haven't learned the controls. I do know I've gotten the hang of dodging and some of the special moves lately, but between that cheap-shot second fight with the giant lava spider and the Black Knight (original stuff, eh) that takes a pot shot at you while you're trying to jump up onto the level where he's standing, the game just seems like an exercise in frustration. I have just about decided that my reflexes are slowing with age and the game is really intended for kids that are half my age.

To its credit, the secret missions are pretty fun. Or rather, the ones that aren't as frustrating as the rest of the game are fun. Killing the tiny spiders (parts I and II) were a fun diversion and something I found possible to pull off with my quickly-slowing reaction times. The other secret mission I've seen, the first one that most gamers will see, the one where you have to off the ghost with the scissors in one hit, is crap. Who the hell thinks that is fun? Is it clear that you have to get your gun practically into the face polygons of the creature to kill it? Is there any indication that that's the weak spot? Hell no. Someone clearly thought this was fun. I sure don't.

With any luck I'll get past the Knight tonight and find out whether what comes afterwards is worth playing through. More often I should just cut my losses and call a crap game a crap game and trade it for something else. I did that with ATV Offroad Fury for the PS2 and it was one of the few times I've been glad to get rid of a game.

--Matt Matthews at 00:53
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