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23 February 2002
Devil May Cry, Part 27
I keep reading posts in the newsgroups about how Devil May Cry gets really, really good later on. Admittedly, I've gotten the hang of several aspects of the game, as other people had suggested might happen, and cruised through three (or more!) missions all in an hour or so this morning.

Crushing enemies turns out to be much more enjoyable when you don't die from cheap shots every time you play! Who woulda thunk it, right? But the acting and storyline aren't really that mature, from what's been revealed so far. Enemies aren't varied enough to really make the gamefeel new and exciting every time you enter a new area. And I just had to do a section with a platform jumping mechanic. These parts of Devil May Cry don't give me much hope for the latter part of the game.

On the other hand, I now have the Ifrit gauntlets which will hopefully allow me to do that really cool ballet kick that I've seen in the trailers. Sure, most people probably think it's a goofy looking move, but I think it looks sweet. I hope it doesn't take a contortionist to pull it off.

Oh, and I've finished off that spider, Phantom. Sure looked like he died for good, so with any luck that's the last I'll have to deal with him.

--Matt Matthews at 01:00
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